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Sturtevant has succeeded in adapting its size reduction and air classification equipment to a growing number of markets throughout the world with the help of our customers. Our commitment to engineering, quality and service after the sale makes us the choice to meet your application needs. Listed below is an abbreviated list of applications where you can find our products.

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Sturtevant Air Classifiers provides the aggregate industry with an alternative to wet washing minus 200 mesh fines from crushed stone. Quarries can have a usable product and aren’t saddled with wet fines that have to be recovered from settling ponds or disposal costs.

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Air Pollution Control

Sturtevant FGT pin mills reduce dry sorbent particle size improving the SO2, SO3, Hg and HCl emissions of coal fired power plants, industrial boilers, municipal furnaces and bio-mass plants.

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Animal By-Product

Sturtevant Air Classifiers offer an exceptional ability to separate poultry meal and other animal feeds into products with higher protein, higher mineral and reduced ash content.

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Agricultural chemicals, epoxy powder coatings, magnesium hydroxide, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pigments, propellants, plastics, resin, toner, bromines and hydrated lime are a few examples of chemicals that often need to be size reduced or air separated.

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Natural and synthetic chemical compounds are used to create cosmetics such as lip sticks, eye shadows, blushes, nail polish, and other beauty treatments. Sturtevant jet mills grinds and classifies cosmetic powders to low and sub-micron particle sizes.

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Fly Ash Beneficiation

Sturtevant Air Classifiers separates fly ash for use in cement, as a filler for land reclamation, soil improvement, lightweight aggregates, and agricultural uses.

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Food Processing

Sturtevant provides the food industry with reliable and accurate food processing equipment for size reduction and classification of dry powder food ingredients as well as infestation control applications.

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Lithium Carbonate

lithium carbonate car battery

Sturtevant has developed a way to reduce the amount of lithium carbonate that has to be milled and decrease the size of equipment needed to mill the product which lessens CAPEX and OPEX.

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Sturtevant’s USDA sanitary design jet mill processes pharmaceutical ingredients in pharmaceutical laboratories, pilot plants and full-scale installations worldwide.

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Pigments such as TiO2, carbon black, clay, epoxy powder coatings, ceramics, resin, toner, organic and inorganic pigment and ink powders are examples of pigments that often need to be air separated or size reduced.

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